Tools, etc.

  • First Aid Kit: You should only need a basic kit, including bandages of various sizes, gauze, bandage wrap, antibiotic spray, burn ointment, bandage scissors, alcohol wipes, etc. A small pre-packaged kit should be fine. If your medical professional wants to add other items, it would behoove you to listen.
  • Car Jack & Tire Wrench: If your vehicle is fairly recent, the scissor jack set it comes with should work. But I’ve seen these fail on older vehicles. I carry a two-ton hydraulic trolley jack, which generally costs about or less than fifty bucks. It’s good for piece of mind.
  • Jumper Cables: Because you never know if or when you’ll need them. You may tell yourself “If I need them, I’ll find someone else who has a set”, but that’s definite wishful thinking. Save yourself some hassle and take your own along.
  • Tools & Tool Box: I could create a list of what should be in a tool box but the real question is, How handy are you with working on your car? If you’re not very handy in that area, and I’ll admit I’m not, your tool needs won’t be as large as someone who works on their car as a hobby. What your tool box contains is really a judgement call on your part, no one else’s. I carry a basic set of tools, plus a cordless drill with bits and drivers, and a small bag for electrical work. Those items are in my comfort zone.

page updated 9/22/2018