• Cell Phone(s): While this seems like a given, these can be very easy to forget for some people. Make sure you account for all that are needed before you hit the road.
  • Cell Phone Charger(s): These are even easier to forget than the cell phones they go to. There needs to be at least one per phone, so that no one will have to go without their phone while others are charging.
  • Cell Phone Mount: You’ll need a mount for your car so you can use a mapping app to get to where you need to go. Many municipalities don’t allow cell phones to be mounted in the driver’s field of vision at the window levels. We use a rugged one which attaches to one of the driver’s vents. Please note: Do not drive with your phone in your hand, and don’t use it for any other purpose but watching the map while the vehicle is in motion. Always stop prior to touching the phone.
  • Cell Phone Car Charger: It’s not enough to charge a phone before traveling, hoping it will last through the trip. Get a car charger (or two) to prevent the batteries from going dead.
  • Laptop(s)/Tablet(s): In many instances, certain web sites your spouse will need to deal with cannot be used from the smaller browser on a cell phone. Some agency, testing, state, and other sites require full browsers, and will give an error if they sense they’re being opened from a phone browser. You’ll need at least one laptop or decent tablet to access these sites. Make sue you pack the charger as well.
  • Headphones/Earbuds: Not everyone wants to hear each others’ music at all times. Please be considerate.
  • Media accounts (Netflix*, Hulu*, Pandora*, etc.): Many hotels and other housing now have smart TVs or other devices that offer these services, and some allow you to use your own accounts. Have the information handy and use your account when you can. Just be sure to clear your account info at the end of the assignment.
  • Camera: Do you or your spouse have a camera body with at least one lens, and maybe a tripod? Don’t forget to bring them along, as well as their battery, charger and SD card.

*Note: The listing of a specific brand is merely my own recommendation, and does not indicate an endorsement of this site by the brand’s owner or manufacturer.

page updated 9/21/2018