Personal Items

  • Four days of everyday clothes: You can figure on doing laundry twice each week. If you want to go beyond that you’re really going to need to take more everyday clothes, such as jeans, t-shirts or tops, changes of underwear, socks, etc. You may want to also take something just a touch nicer, maybe khakis or something, but there’s really no need to overdo it. Besides, depending on where the assignment is there may be souvenir clothing you’ll pick up along the way.
  • Personal shoes: This is walking shoes, hikers, etc.
  • Uniforms and Work Shoes: Your spouse will need at least three or four sets of uniforms depending on if they’re working twelves or eights. Make sure their shoes are comfortable and rugged enough for those hours, too. Don’t be cheap with them.
  • Toiletries: Make sure you have it all set up, including bar soap or body wash, shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair brushes and ties, make-up. sponges, cotton swabs, Witch Haxel … The works.
  • Prescriptions: You may end up going with a national pharmacy chain for your prescriptions to make things easier for transfers between assignments. Be sure though that it’s a pharmacy that works with the agency’s insurance plan.
  • Swim Suits/Towels: Because you never know when the urge to swim might hit.


  • Workout Clothes: If you or your spouse have workout regimens or gym memberships, make sure to bring your regular workout gear with you so you can continue.
  • Snorkel or Diving Gear: If you snorkel or dive, your gear may be useful in the right assignment areas. Bring them along if it makes sense.
    • page updated 9/21/2018