For our first long-term housing for my wife’s first assignment the agency found us an apartment on the second floor of a modified two-story home over a small specialty medical facility having a custom build workshop in the basement. It became clear right away the staff of the facility shouldn’t have to deal with our mail. They already dealt with all the mail and shipping for a professional staff of eight individuals and all their necessary supplies for their builds and mods. Post office boxes are available for short-term rentals at local post offices, so we elected to go that route. You’ll need both of your state driver’s licenses or other official photo IDs to rent a box. Fees will apply but they are minimal. You can then enact a temporary change of address from your home address to your rented post office box for the duration of your stay, either via cards the post office will provide to you or via (The web site works better, and signing up for an acount with the site provides verification numbers, and the ability to extend the rental if your spouse extends the assignment.) Your local post office box can then be used to receive USPS, UPS, FedEx or similar deliveries.

page updated 9/20/2018