When we left on our first adventure with my wife as a traveling medical professional our daughter decided to come along for the first week. At 23 she could easily fend for herself, and was very helpful when it came to taking the doogs on day trips, helping with the logistics, and just being around hen it came to settling in to our new lifestyle. Thankfully that first hotel was able to give us two double beds in that first room, so nothing was awkward and she didn’t end up sleeping on a cot.

Our situation is different from some though. We also know of people who are traveling with school-aged kids, which presents an entirely different set of issues. One of the biggest problems for these families is that their kids can no longer attend what’s commonly referred to as a “traditional” school. What this means is that homeschooling is the only viable solution with you, the spouse/partner/whatever being the school teacher. This may seem like a daunting task, but to be perfectly blunt you’re never alone in this. Homeschooling saw a huge resurgence for various reasons in the 1970s and 80s, and there are countless resources available online for those who want to get started. And as a former homeschooling father myself, I can honestly say those resources are well-developed and extremely helpful. Get online, look around, and you’ll see just how much is available.


Once you decide to homeschool your kids (and if you’re all accompanying your medical professional you really have no choice), the one membership you mught want to have is that of the Home School Legal Defense Association*. The Association’s sole purpose is protecting homeschoolers and the freedom to homeschool across the U.S. They’re lawyers who have been doing this job since 1983 and they’re quite good at it. Take a look at their web site and see what they have to offer.


page updated 9/20/2018