Insurance policies will likely differ from agency-to-agency. Some also offer dental and/or vision insurance, but as it turns out not every agency does so. There are also differences in out-of-pocket expenses, co-pays for prescriptions, whether or not orthotics are covered, and many other variables. Always ask for as much information as possible from a new agency, as it makes a huge difference as to whether or not an assignment is even doable.

Beware of initial premium stacking

One major issue we ran into early-on is what I’ve decided to call Premium Stacking. Mary was told we’d have insurance from Day One of the assignment. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that a card arrived in the mail telling us to go onto the insurance company’s web site to select our options. The card said past premiums would be taken out of future paychecks. What it did not say was that this would happen all at once. So when the ~$150 premiums came out of a single paycheck six weeks into the assignment, and there were six premiums, that paycheck was only around $50. We’re told not all agency’s do this, but it’s something you certainly want to be aware of. It can happen to any of us. Be sure to plan ahead for this possibility.

page updated 09/20/2018