Double-Check Confirmations

In case you missed it, on the Home page I wrote this story: “When we showed up at that first hotel on a Friday night after driving almost 900 miles over a period of fifteen hours with our daughter and two small dogs, and the hotel had no reservation for us even though we had paperwork from the agency in-hand, and another travel professional in the same lobby was having the same problem at the same time we were …” This problem would have been solved if we had simply taken the time to double-check our confirmation, which we’d had for a couple weeks prior to traveling that first time. Since then I’ve done so every time, in most cases talking with a manager and making sure I have their name written on the confirmation itself. We’ve yet to experience this issue again. Take the time to call, it could solve a lot of problems.

Pet Fees

In a nutshell, the agency is not responsible for pet fees for your dog(s). Be ready to pay these fees up-front. They can be quite substantial: We’ve paid as high as $250.00 in pet fees for a month in a hotel. But at the same time, even though most places will list a pet fee on a web site or confirmation letter, depending on the housing you get not everyone will actually require you to pay unless there’s a problem. Be prepared anyway, it’s the right thing to do.

Inspection Checklists

Most of the housing you’ll end up in will send an inspection checklist for you with the confirmation information your spouse will receive from agency housing. Be sure to take care of these promptly (there’s generally a deadline of 48 hours from check-in) and return them to the agency as requested. The checklist then gores into your portable safe in case there’s an issue later.

page updated 9/20/2018