Packing For Dogs

  • Crate with Cushion: This really depends on your dog(s). If yours are fine in your vehicle on long trips without being crated, that’s certainly your call. We have two high-energy toy breeds who insist on having the run of the van during trips. Crating them on long rides is the only sane solution, but we make sure they’re on a good orthopedic cushion and have their toys with them. We always make sure to walk and potty them regularly on these trips so they’re not uncomfortable.
  • Leashes: Most places you’ll potty, walk, or exercise your dogs will require leashing. Make sure you have suitable ones for each of your pets.
  • Food – Bucket with Scoop, Bowls: We carry dry food in a food-safe five-gallon bucket with a lid, and a pet food scoop inside. There is also one food dish for each dog, along with a common water bowl.
  • Water: We carry bottled water for our dogs so they can get a drink anytime, anywhere, when they need it. We’ll even stop the van and put the water bowl in the van so they can a drink when they ask, before continuing on our way.
  • Treats: These are useful in many situations, so don’t forget them.
  • Waste Bags: Each of our leashes has what’s known as an oval stanless steel quick link with a threaded closer on its handle. The link then has a container of waste bags attached to it. That way, we always have them with us.
  • Toys: Of course you’ll want to take your dog(s) favorite toys and playthings along on the trips. They’ll be miserable if you don’t.

page last updated 9/22/2018