There are a number of documents you might want to keep with you as you travel with your medical professional. Some of these are obvious, while others may not be. At the same time though, there are documents you’ll be receiving along the way that you should probably keep. For this reason, it’s a good idea to invest in a portable fireproof safe to keep these documents in. We had purchased a small briefcase-style portable safe before our first trip but have quickly outgrown it. A small shelf safe seems to be a better idea, but it also depends on how you and your spouse operate.

Documents To Carry

  • Birth certificates: You might need your medical professional’s birth certificate for some licensing as time goes on, so you may as well bring yours along too.
  • Licenses & Certifications: These are your spouse’s professional documents.
  • College Transcripts: Some licensures and/or facilities might require their transcripts for various reasons.
  • Dog rabies & registration certificates: If you travel with your dogs, hotels and apartments may be requesting these directly or through the agency.

Documents To Save

  • Travel & Uniform Receipts: While it’s unlikely these will be requested by a tax accountant or similar individual, it’s still a good idea to hang on to some of these if you so desire.
  • Hotel & Apartment Confirmations and Check-In Checklists<: Always save these in case there are questions about something at a later date.
  • Miscellaneous Documents: My younger sister passed away during my wife’s first assignment. As both my parents had died ten years prior and my sister was unmarried, it was up to my sisters and I to take care of it. The related faxes, paperwork, and her official Death Certificate travel with us for now.

CamScanner App*

Available for both Android* and iOS*, this app allows for photographing, cropping and scanning of documents with a phone. My wife uses it to send crisp copies of timesheets, licenses, transcrips, certifications, and other documents as requested by multiple agencies when they’re requested. It simply works.

Printing options

Some licensures require SSN affadavits or other documents from a state licensing agency to be printed, signed and returned. When my sister passed away, I needed to sign and print some documents prior to returning them. Printing needs to happen often, and as printers don’t travel well another solution is necessary. I carry a thumb drive with me that only ever holds the documents which need to be printed. I take this to an office supply store, and let them print the documents for me. It’s simple, quick, and I’ve stopped needing to pay so much for ink cartridges.

*Note: The listing of a specific brand is merely my own recommendation, and does not indicate an endorsement of this site by the brand’s owner or manufacturer.

page updated 9/20/2018