Disclaimer, etc.

In a nutshell, I make zero guarantees with what I’m presenting on this site. While this site is set up to present information I wish we’d had when we began my wife’s journey as a couple in Travel Nursing, it is by no means complete, nor will all of it be applicable to every situation in any manner. So make no mistake: Your mileage will vary. Every situation will present its own issues, and it’s not at all possible for me to address all possibilities. As my wife and I continue to learn through the Travel lifestyle my RN and I have chosen in continuing her career, I will certainly be updating the information on these pages. I can only hope to help solve issues in some manner that others might run into, even though that will never be even close to 100% possible.

Complaint Resolution

One area this site is not to be used for is complaint resolution. If you have concerns about an agency, an agency recruiter, the agency’s travel section, a temporary hotel placement or a lengthier housing situation, escalate it appropriately. Housing issues need to be reported to the agency’s travel section. Travel section issues should be discussed with the recruiter. Recuiter issues should be discussed with agency management. And if the agency itself is the problem, there are many more to choose from.