Cleaning Supplies

Dish soap – Dawn*
Laundry Detergent – Purex*
Fabric Softener Sheets – any, unscented
Upholstery Cleaner/Scrubber – Bissell*
Bathroom Cleaner – Scrubbing Bubbles*
Tub/Shower Cleaner – Scrubbing Bubbles*
Hard Surface Wipes – Clorox*
Window Cleaner – Sparkle*
Pet Stain Upholstery Cleaner/Scrubber – Bissell*
Cleaning rags/towels
Sponges – Scotchbrite*

*Note: The listing of a specific brand is merely my own recommendation, and does not indicate an endorsement of this site by the brand’s owner or manufacturer.

page last updated 9/24/2018