Agency Web Portals

Agency Web Portals are generally a part of their overall web site with a login page for your spouse’s credentials for that site. Once they’re logged in, the available sections may be set up as follows:

  • Find Jobs/Jobs For You
  • Payroll/Benefits
  • Radiation Badge Readings
  • Assignments
  • Messages
  • Profile
  • FAQ

There are just a few of these you or your spouse might need to deal with for the long haul, so we’ll look at those in more detail.


This section of the site is where you’ll find current W2 information, eBenefits, timesheet forms, and pay or direct deposit histories.


Timesheets for remote work in a medical field can be fairly complex. As the agency contact isn’t on-site to verify what your spouse has done for a given workday or even which unit type their working on, you might see selections on the timesheet web form such as:

  • Day Of The Week/Date
  • Punch In/Out (before lunch)
  • Punch In/Out (after lunch)
  • Area Worked – ICU, LTC, OR, Rehab, Not Listed, etc.
  • Hours Type – Call Back, On-Call, Standard, etc.
  • Charge Nurse
  • Customer Call Off Hrs
  • Voluntary Call Off Hrs
  • Holiday
  • Comments for Agency
  • Comments for Facility Nursing Manager

There may be other fields as well, but this gives a feeling for the complexity of the necessary information. If there’s a link on the timesheet page to save it to your own computer once the timesheet is completed, it’s always a good idea to do so. Keeping those records may be helpful later to answer any questions that may come up.

Pay Stubs

While the pay stub from an agency will look like any other paystub in a medical field, it’s also where you’ll find verfication of your spouse’s various stipends, holiday and overtime pay, and other special circumstances. It’s a good idea to stay familiar with how the pay stubs are laid out so you can find information better. As with timesheets, if there’s a link on the page to save it to your own computer it’s always a good idea to do so. Keeping those records may be helpful later to answer any questions that may come up.

Radiation Badge Readings

If your spouse is working in a field dealing with any kind of medical radiation it’s possible, albeit likely, that the agency or facility has issued them personal dosimetry. A dosimeter keeps track of radiation doses over a period of time. Dosimetry takes this a step further, automatically sending the data and saving it to a central database. This area of the agency’s web site is where you and your spouse can keep up with their data in real time as it’s recorded.

page updated 9/20/2018