The Travel Spouse


Note: Please be aware this site was new as of 9/17/2018. While most of it is coming together, we’re still fleshing out the rest of the content. Please be patient, and come back soon.

We hear a lot about Travel Nurses, but not often do we hear about Travel CNAs, Travel STNAs, and Travel Pharmicists. There are also Travel Dentists, Travel Orthodontic Assistants, and many other traveling medical specialists. Many times these professionals are unattached and travel by themselves, or possibly with a dog or two. But we’ve learned there are travel professionals who not only bring along a spouse or partner, but also homeschooled kids, with some families traveling in RVs from place-to-place. It’s very much a Gypsy landscape, a lifestyle with its own quirks. For those who choose to do this work, it can be very rewarding.

When one partner in a relationship becomes interested in becoming a travel medical professional, the decision to travel together has to be a mutual decision. As a travel spouse myself I fully supported my wife’s decision to begin this new lifestyle, and with two small dogs we planned out and embarked on our new adventures. Unfortunately we found very little info along the way about what to expect, how to manage various situations, even what we should take or not take. And when we showed up at that first hotel on a Friday night after driving almost 900 miles over a period of fifteen hours with our daughter and two small dogs, and the hotel had no reservation for us even though we had paperwork from the agency in-hand, and another travel professional in the same lobby was having the same problem at the same time we were … That’s when the idea for began to form.

Have a look around. Hopefully we can help with at least getting some of it started. But most of all, have fun, and explore where you’re going. That’s where the real enjoyment lies.